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CFD Orders

ForexCFD orders are placed in the same way as placing equity orders. In most cases, a confirmation will be immediate for market orders. Since, the markets are constantly moving during the trading week, it is a good practice to place a “stop loss” on your open position. This allows you to control potential losses in case the market moves against you.

There are a number of order types that you can place that facilitate risk management when trading CFDs to control potential profits as well as potential losses on your open positions.

Market Orders

This type of order takes precedence over all other orders. It is an order to buy or sell a CFD contract at the present market price. As long as there is a market for this contract, the order will be filled at the price given to you on the FXFortressPro™ platform.

Limit Orders

This type of order means that a customer sets a limit on price of execution of a trade and it will only be filled at this level. A sell limit order is executed only at the limit price or higher (better), while the buy limit is executed at the limit price or lower (better).

Stop Orders

A stop order is an order which becomes a market order once a certain price level is reached. These orders are often placed to limit the loss on an open position. They also are used to initiate positions. Buy stop orders are placed at a price above the current market price. Sell stop orders are placed below the market price. A buy stop order is activated by a bid or trade at or above the stop price. A sell stop is triggered by a trade or offer at or below the stop price.