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Forex is a market where all participants have access to the same market information as everyone else.





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Educational Resources

We have provided several useful topics throughout this section for you to learn about the products to trade on our platform, understand trading terminology, the trading processes, trade factors, as well as trading tips and other helpful information.

Options Education Suite:

We make it easy to participate in options trading with FX Bridge's exclusive step-by-step FREE tutorial, OptionsEDU™. Loaded with tips & strategies to make you a smarter trader.

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Forex Benefits

The Forex market: is a global market active 24-hours a day almost 7 days a week. This 24 hour advantage allows Forex traders the possibility to trade round the clock; rather than wait for markets to open.

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Forex Factors

Factor that influence prices in the Forex Rate Systems. There are numerous different types of “participants” in the FX market and frequently they are looking for very different outcomes when they trade.

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Forex Trading

Currency is effectively a commodity whose value can change against other currencies, as well as, other assets, such as precious metals and oil. By buying (or selling) a currency, FX Traders look to earn a profit from the movement in the FX currency rate.

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Order Types:

There are a number of order types that you can place that facilitate risk management when trading to control potential profits as well as potential losses on your open positions.

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