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Trading Accounts with Top Tier Banks

Credit Agricole

CFD Capital Markets provide banking and treasury services through a world-class banking institution. CFD Capital Markets Clients benefit by having their funds protected by Credit Agricole one of the largest banking group in Europe.


Our private client group also utilizes Varengold Bang AG to Secure clients funds

Varengold Bank AG is a German investment bank headquartered in Hamburg.

Varengold bank is a member of the Bundesverband, a lobby association for alternative investments in Germany

Varengold bank is a member of the Entschädigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken (EdB), a private institution legally responsible for guaranteeing the deposits of account holders of German banks.

Trading Accounts

Client funds are safeguarded with clarity and integrity. Our Client accounts are segregated and funding deposited into each clients online private account. As a CFD Capital Markets Client you can be assured in the knowledge that your funds are safe and secured.

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Each Client account has high-bit encrypted coding and personal login access running alongside a fully automated real-time reporting facility.

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