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About CFD Capital Markets

Our prime directive is to provide a completely safe, transparent and secure trading environment. We offer multibank liquidity from the world’s top tier banks. Our clients are assured by the highest-quality support delivered through our leading-edge operations, our best-in-class technologies, platform and accounts.

Our clients are our most important asset. By delivering on our promises, we aim to reinforce client relationships and create partnerships that are underpinned by trust, business integrity and professionalism.

Fair, transparent, and consistent execution quality are just a few of the key benefits offered to our clients. We strive to provide our clients with consistent quality, competitive quoted prices and the most technologically advanced and easy to use platforms. Through our in-house world class team of experts, we provide the most up to date market information, Option trading tutorials, and webinars designed to educate and inspire our clients to become smarter traders

We deliver Service, Liquidity and Technology

CFD Capital Markets is operated and managed by a multi-national group of seasoned FX professionals. From operational procedures to technology, we believe that in order to remain competitive and to help grow our clients’ business, innovation is an intrinsic necessity. By providing our clients with the latest tools, products and services, CFD Capital Markets is establishing itself as a worldwide leader, rather than an operator in the industry.

We offer a trading facility on a wide range of financial instruments, ranging from foreign exchange, foreign exchange options, to Contracts for Differences (CFDs) on stocks.

We offer our growing client base of private and institutional traders the most comprehensive and competitive FX solutions in the industry, by delivering tighter spreads, excellent liquidity, the highest level of customer service

Accounts with Top Tier Banks

CFD Capital Markets provide banking and treasury services through a world-class banking institution. CFD Capital Markets Clients benefit by having their funds protected by Credit Agricole one of the largest banking group in Europe.